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A solo wall bathed in sunlight is the last thing I expect to see atop the hill on our hike at the FARMHOUSE at 58. Turns out that we’ve arrived just in time to witness the day’s last light washing over this piece by artist Amine El Gotaibi from Morocco. Constructed from rammed earth with a low consistency of cement, it allows for a steady deterioration and withering away over time. And here in the Cradle of Humankind where life is said to have begun it represents all life returning to the earth again and the dream of a borderless Africa.

In a time when we all yearn for connection within nature and with ourselves, FARMHOUSE at 58 has arrived within the perfect season. An hour’s drive from Jozi, the converted old dairy farm embraces well-being of land and people whilst paving the way for visitors to retreat, tread lightly on the earth and regenerate.

When it comes to design, the space is inspired by African architecture as well as the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi can be described as “an appreciation of beauty that is incomplete or imperfect in nature,” according to Bheki Dhube. “The design is also inspired by early and current African architecture, where we resided in concentric circles. Even in our branding, the circle that you see is an imperfect circle and we pay homage to how we resided in African homes. It is rooted in our African heritage, even in the soil tones which you find in this landscape.”

Passing ancient ruins from past dwellers of the land, the winter has left the grass, trees and soil thirsting for water while the sun ignites it all with honey red hue. A few hours later, we’re fireside on giant bean bags with nothing but the sounds of crackling flames, lions at a nearby park and conscious conversation in our ears.

By morning, I’m cross-legged beside a waterfall practicing the box breath technique led by Simon from Breathwork Africa. Slowing my heart rate down, finding stillness from the frantic pace that life has set for us and taking heed of my rise and fall of my belly.

Here at the FARMHOUSE at 58, breathwork is but one way you’re invited to seek stillness, balance and harmony in the everchanging, progressing and imperfection of life.

Join morning breathwork sessions with Breathwork Africa, hike to the hilltop at sunset with Lesego from Epic Hikes or take part in weekly programs. Book your stay at the Farmhouse now:

The development concept is inspired by, respectful of, its history, converting an old dairy, farmhouse and shed to create consciously aligned mixed-use, multi-dimensional spaces that are foundational components of the project58 and NIROX ecosystem.

The rooms, lounges, co-working space, reading & writing rooms, lapa and shed restaurant (under construction) pay homage to the land, re-imagining its function.

A raw, natural, grounded place in the depths of nature, a short hiking distance from a fountain with occasional zebra and wildebeest sightings, FARMHOUSE at 58 was conceptualized a few years ago. When founder Bheki Dube, also the founder of Curiocity.Africa , was invited to view the landscape, he saw the potential of the FARMHOUSE, situated in the Cradle of Humankind and within the ecosystem of 58 and Nirox Foundation.

Steeped in history, it was a dairy farm for several decades, then over the last few years, it was appropriated as a publishing house. The team repurposed the structure whilst retaining its character, this according to the team, is evident in the imperfections, the marks of time etched in the walls, the outcome has character and creates a unique atmosphere.

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